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Since 1970 MVF Process Controls has been serving the Southeast US as a stocking distributor of fittings of all types, valves, tubing, filters, hoses and instruments. We bring to our customers the most technologically advanced products and solutions to keep their facilities running. Our headquarters is in Mobile, Alabama and we have a sales team throughout the southeast covering:

Alabama     Arkansas    South Louisiana    Mississippi    West Tennessee   Florida

MVF Process Controls is a local family owned business. Our primary product line is Hy-Lok Instrumentation. Hy-Lok is the third largest instrumentation manufacturer in the world, and is specified in almost every industry sector that use fittings or instrument valves of any type. With the very best quality available today, we can help with systems integration, take-offs and project specifications. Our ongoing success is tied to our superior customer service, expertise, and tenacity to get the job done. We welcome all to check out MVF Process Controls and find out how we can help your facilty.

Products and Services

Industries Served

• Chemical
• Oil & Gas
• Petrochemical

• Heavy Equipment
• Military / Defense
• Semiconductor

• Pulp & Paper
• On/Offshore Drilling
• Power Generation

• Automotive Manufacturing
• Ship Building & And more


Marine Certifications